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Eye-catching Headphones, The New Accessory: Guest Blogger

One of our favorite things about Melissa “Mellie” Davis’ blog, The Fat Apple, NYC, is its tagline: “Doing NYC in Plus Size Style.” Melissa, a fashion insider here in New York, has her finger on the pulse of up-to-the minute events and trends—from the Food Network’s Wine & Food festival to the hottest new plus size lines launching this season. But best of all, she always finds a way to make gorgeous style for curvy ladies not only easy to do, but so much fun to try.

As a fashion-minded woman I have many things to think about when I decide to hit the town. Not only do I have to choose what clothing to wear, but what other accoutrements I want to add on. Clothing itself is just the base. Once my outfit is decided, then it’s which shoes to wear, how to style my hair, which handbag to carry and what jewelry to put on. Plus, now that it’s Fall, I have to think about jackets and scarves. If that wasn’t enough, now I have multiple options for which headphones to wear!

Headphones, in the past, have been purely utilitarian. Black or white, plug them into your phone or mp3 player and that was that. Well the times, they’re a-changing. Multiple brands have released new styles that are quite fashionable and rival the most coveted accessories.

The most fashion forward are the Diamond Tears from Monster created in alliance with J.Y. Park, founder of JYP Entertainment (JYPE). These over-ear headphones (which retail for around $279.95) are literally “fashion to be seen and heard.” Diamond Tears are currently available in a clear version, with a new black pair of headphones scheduled for delivery later this year. For those of you who don’t want to be quite so flashy, there’s also an in-ear pair that are stylish but not as in your face. 

For more from Melissa, check out her blog, The Fat Apple, NYC.

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