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Behind The Scenes with Andrew Goetz of (MALIN+GOETZ)

(MALIN+GOETZ) is one of our all time favorite brands. True story: Katia and Hayley have been trying to work with them since they launched Birchbox all the way back in 2010. The NYC-based family business has an emphasis on simple products that work well, and the cult following that they’ve developed more than proves their potency. Walking into the (MALIN+GOETZ) stores you might think you’ve entered a super modern version of an old timey apothecary and, in a sense, you have. We were thrilled to sit down with one half of the duo, Andrew Goetz, a few weeks ago at our October video shoot.

Here are a few things you might not know about the brand and the founders:

  • The packaging is color-coded so their products are easy to find in the store. Blue packaging is for face products, green is for body products, and red is for hair products. Cleansers are a darker shade and moisturizers are a lighter shade.
  • They’re not into trends. According to Goetz, they’re focused on making products that are timeless and work season after season. “When you get caught on that treadmill of different trends and different hopes, the end is always disappointment. And then there’s always something to replace that trend.”
  • They host a popular dinner party out of their Chelsea store in NYC. “We would invite a beauty editor and her husband, a creative person, an artist, a photographer, people from all different backgrounds in the creative world. We live around the corner so I’d cook for two days frantically, and then we’d haul everything and have these amazing parties. It would be great to see from the street because it looks like a diorama and all these people would be there drinking, eating, having fun.” How great does that sound?

Click through to see our interview with Andrew and see why we’re such huge fans:


Not able to get to one of (MALIN+GOETZ)’s shops in NYC or LA? We’ve got you covered with our favorites in the Birchbox Shop.

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