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A 330-Pound Lipstick Sculpture Now on View in Paris

Artist Fabrice Hyber’s sculpture made entirely from lipstick. (Photo: WWD)

There’s lipstick in a tube, and then there’s lipstick in the form of a 330-pound cubical sculpture on view at the Palais de Tokyo museum in Paris. Entitled “1M3 de beauté,” which means “one cubic meter of beauty,” it’s the work of French artist Fabrice Hyber and part of his show Matières Premières (a.k.a. Raw Materials), which runs through January 7th. The shade on view is none other than Yves Saint Laurent’s Rouge Pur Couture number one. “It needed to be a red that is very vivid, very present,” Hyber told WWD

Our math skills are a bit rusty, but we’re wondering: how many individual tubes of lipstick would equal the weight of this mammoth cube? And perhaps more importantly, if he bought all those lipsticks, how much did that cost?


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