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Behind the Scenes at Our Halloween Makeup Tutorial Shoot: Effie Trinket

There are some serious Hunger Games nerds in the Birchbox office (like, the entire editorial team). So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we jumped at the chance to dress up like our favorite characters from the books and movie for Halloween. Even though Katniss is our girl, Effie Trinket—with her eccentric Capitol style and larger-than-life personality—is clearly the more fun choice. Click through for step-by-step directions from makeup artist Reiva Cruze on how to score the look. PLUS, send us pictures of you in your Effie costumes (and any other Hunger Games costumes) and we’ll feature them here on the blog leading up to Halloween! Email us at or tweet @birchbox.


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    I will personally punch in the face every Effie Trinket that I see on the streets this Halloween. CONSIDER YOURSELF...
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