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Breast Cancer By The Numbers: An Eye-Opening Infographic


Each October, there’s a barrage of pink everywhere you look, from the NFL’s uniforms to beauty products to famous landmarks lighting up in magenta. And all the pink pride reminds us that we’re fighting for a world free of breast cancer. As far as we’re concerned, every month should be breast cancer awareness month and the above infographic paints a pretty clear picture why: one woman is diagnosed every three minutes with breast cancer, 40,000 women are expected to die this year from the disease, and only 51% of women 40 and older got a mammogram last year.

Certainly, over the past few decades, the numbers associated with breast cancer have been trending in the right direction, but not enough can be done in terms of prevention and research. To learn more about what you can do to screen yourself or donate to the cause, click here


One of the BCA non-profits that’s near and dear to me is The Pink Agenda. I encourage you to learn more here! 

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