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Fall Foliage Nail Art: Mani Monday

As much as we love nail art, we’re better at admiring designs than coming up with them ourselves. That’s why we’ve enlisted Anna Norman, the smarty pants behind Glitter, She Wrote, to be a regular contributor. Every Monday, she’ll be sharing her latest lacquer inspiration—you won’t be satisfied with plain ol’ polish again.

I was walking down my Brooklyn street a few days ago in leather boots and a sweater, holding a pumpkin latte in hand (hello, fall!), when I noticed my neighborhood’s first changing leaves of the season. That means it’s officially autumn in my book, and of course my nails needed to reflect the exciting change.

A few weeks ago I showed you how to achieve a marbled manicure with an ordinary roll of plastic wrap, and I thought the technique would work perfectly for fall-hued nails inspired by the gorgeous reds, oranges, and yellows of the changing leaves. Here’s how to use this fool-proof technique to get the look yourself.

What you’ll need:
- Plastic wrap, torn into a handful of small, crumpled pieces
- Three or four nail polishes in fall colors like red, orange, yellow, gold, and purple

Step 1: After applying a base coat, paint your nails with your first polish color (it’s best to work from lightest to darkest). I wanted a bit of metallic shimmer in my manicure, so I started with tenoverten Worth, a gold foil. Let this coat of polish dry before moving on.

Step 2: Working one nail at a time, apply a coat of your next polish color to the nail. Immediately pick up a piece of plastic wrap and begin dabbing at the wet polish. The sticky plastic will pick up some of the second color, creating a marbled effect. If you remove too much polish, just add another coat of wet polish and dab at it again with the plastic wrap. Continue until you’ve completed each nail.

Step 3: Let your marbled nails dry, and then repeat Step 2 with your third color. Continue adding colors until you’re happy with the results. I topped my gold nails with yellow (OPI Candlelight), orange (OPI Hi, Pumpkin!), and deep red (tenoverten Church) polish.

Step 4: Dip a Q-tip or a small brush in nail polish remover to clean up around the edges. Your nails may look a little uneven or textured after using the plastic wrap, so finish up with one or two coats of a glossy top coat to create smooth, shiny nails.

The results with this easier-than-it-looks technique are always impressive, regardless of your nail art experience. Play around with colors and finishes—the options are endless! I have my eye on a black and orange marble for Halloween.

Halloween’s coming soon! Here are three spooky nail looks to try.

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