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New! Customer Reviews on Birchbox


Every month, we receive tens of thousands of feedback surveys for products that our subscribers have sampled. You earn points for the feedback; we share this valuable information with our brand partners and use the ratings to improve our sampling service. It’s a fantastic win win win. And today, we’re excited to take our feedback program a big step forward with the launch of Customer Reviews. Now you can publicly share your thoughts on the products you love with the Birchbox community and learn what others think before you buy.


Welcome to Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews let you share your opinion with the Birchbox community and discover what others think about a particular product. Products display an average rating (out of 5 stars), as well as reviews submitted by customers who have either sampled or purchased the product. In addition to the customer’s rating and detailed review, you can see their profile information to help understand whether their experience will match your own.

Right now we have over 75,000 reviews covering more than 450 items in our Shop. Every month we’ll be adding thousands more. That’s a lot of reviews!

How to write a review
Writing a review couldn’t be easier. Full-size products in the Birchbox shop may be reviewed at any time, regardless of whether you’ve sampled or purchased them through Birchbox. To write a review, visit the product detail page for the item you wish to review, then:

  1. Select the ‘Write a Review’ link or button and log in to your Birchbox account if prompted.
  2. Rate the item, leave a comment of 20 words or more and give your review a title (this month’s sampled products will require you to complete the product survey as well).
  3. Enter a nickname for your public profile if you haven’t previously saved one.
  4. Submit your review.

Once submitted, each review is processed and may take up to 72 hours to become available on Birchbox. Approved reviews are published along with profile information (such as hair color and skin type), if you have chosen to share your profile. Content is rejected for being irrelevant, offensive, promotional in nature, inclusive of links or otherwise inappropriate for publication. If a review is overly focused on the sample instead of the product attributes it may be omitted as well.

Customer Reviews and Points
Nothing changes about the monthly feedback process. You will continue to leave feedback  on sampled products via the product survey. You’ll still earn 10 points for every eligible product review completed.

To be eligible to earn 10 points, you must be a current monthly or yearly member in good standing; you must have received the product sample from Birchbox; and you must fill out the review before the 10th of the month following the sampling. Reviews submitted after the 10th of the following month, or prior to a product being sampled, are not eligible to earn points. No points are earned when submitting a full-size product review.


Dave, our Director of Product Management, makes stuff happen. Follow him at @davemorro and be sure to check this blog regularly to keep updated on all our new website features.

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