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Skincare Expert Joanna Vargas’ Tips For Finicky Skin


The secret to glowing skin? Celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas says healthy fats and plenty of green juice.

Yesterday it was 50 degrees in New York, and today the temperature is back up to a balmy 75. Is it any wonder my skin is alternating between overly dry and overly oily? It turns out I’m not alone. NY-based facialist Joanna Vargas (her client list includes stars like Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams) says, “This time of year is really key because everyone’s skin starts to freak out…It tends to get patchy and dry and somewhat sensitive.” Luckily, the skincare guru has some tips for easing the transition. 

Eat Healthy Fats

Vargas says that you have to think about improving your skin from the inside out, which means adding more healthy fats to your diet. “Avocado in your salad, olive oil as a dressing instead—those kinds of things are going to help your skin maintain a good balance.” Vargas likes avocado as a smoothie ingredient, like in this Chocolate Love Smoothie.

Give Your Skin Greens

We ask a lot of our skin,” says Vargas. “It’s exposed to pollution and the sun every day, and acts as our protective barrier.” When we don’t eat well and don’t sleep well, our skin suffers—as anyone who has binged on cookies and skimped on sleep knows. “We have to give our skin the proper balance of nutrients—the proper amount of greens—so it can do things like carry away waste and oxygenate cells.” That’s why Vargas took inspiration from her love of green juice when she created her Daily Serum. It’s loaded with green ingredients like oakgrass juice and chlorophyll. “When you use green on the skin it really restores a healthy glow,” she says.

Be Nice

This advice goes for any time of year: be nice to your skin. Vargas says she sees many women in their 20s and 30s overusing acids, which strips the skin of natural oils. “Bad behavior doesn’t tend have repercussions when you’re young but it’ll cause your skin to thin out and by the time you hit 40 you’re going to be much more wrinkled,” she says. Instead of acids, Vargas loves ingredients like galactoarabinan, which is derived from the larch tree and causes more cellular turnover than lactic acid but is also anti-inflammatory. It’s the star of Vargas’ Exfoliating Mask and helps energize and brighten the skin. “If I have a big interview,” says Vargas, “I’ll even sleep in the mask. It pulls out any blackheads you have and really rejuvenates the skin.”

Up next? The facialist is working on a genius eye cream that be both anti-aging and de-puffing. Expect to see it on shelves in a few months.


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