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Our New Luxe Skincare Brand Obsession: Neydharting Moor

I’m a big fan of facials, but unlike some members of our team, I’m not yet the connoisseur I’d like to be (hint hint wink wink Candice). I’m working hard to remedy that though and last week, I got one step closer to my goal by getting a facial from the Austrian skincare company, Neydharting Moor. The company hosted a breakfast Wednesday morning for their US launch and I got the chance to learn all about the products before experiencing their facial.

The brand is named after an area of Austria that after the last ice age 30,000 years ago, developed into a fertile valley that is full of healthful peat and continually fed by spring water. Over the centuries, the antioxidant-rich peat and peat water from the Moor became known for its healing properties. Today, the Neydharting Healing Spa located at the Moor is sold out two years in advance. That’s worse than trying to get tickets to see Book of Mormon on Broadway! Since we’re highly impatient we’ll have to settle for using the products at home. (If you’re really lucky, you can also schedule an appointment at your closest Canyon Ranch location for their exclusive Moor Body Wrap treatment.)

The Neydharting (pronounced like ‘nide’-‘harting’) Moor collection is split into four sections: a pro collection with products only available during professional spa treatments; The Essential Skincare collection that consists of products suitable for all ages, including younger skin; The Advanced Skincare collection, which is best suited for women over 35; and their Body Care collection with only one product to date, an Intense Body Cream. I can already tell that my two favorite products are the very “active” mud mask (love the tingle!) from the pro collection and the intensely hydrating product called The Balm Face & Body from the Advanced Skincare collection. The Balm works exceptionally well and any extra dry or sensitive areas of your skin and can also be used to calm irritation. Creative Director Nicola Gross attests to the fact that it’s also fantastic for treating burns and rashes on children and adults alike. Now that fall is in full swing and colder weather is on it’s way, my skin is starting to show signs of dryness so it’s literally the perfect time for me to implement an extra-hydrating product into my routine.


If you, like me, need a little extra moisturizing during the fall and winter, shop our favorites now. Your skin will thank you later!

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