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5 Steps to Jessica Alba’s Braided Side Ponytail

It’s no secret that we love following celebrity beauty and fashion, whether it’s at awards shows, special events, or just on the street. When we saw the gorgeous braided side pony that Jessica Alba wore to the 2012 Environmental Media Awards popping up all over the interwebs, our DIY radar immediately kicked into high gear. This is a great style for girls with slightly longer hair, and adds a touch of unexpected flirtiness to an otherwise severe look. For this tutorial, we recruited our awesome executive assistant, Kari. Her lovely blonde hair and pretty pink highlights were perfect for recreating the look Birchbox-style! Click through to see how it’s done.

1. Here’s Kari fresh-faced and ready for some stylin’ action! This style is meant to look very sleek, so start by applying an anti-frizz or smoothing serum like Sedu® Anti-Frizz Polishing Treatment to straight hair. 

2. Create a deep side part with a comb and extend it down the back of the head diagonally toward the opposite side of your neck. This should create two distinct sections of hair. Pull the larger section of hair out of the way with a clip or hair tie like a Twistband

3. French braid the smaller section of hair, following the angle created by the part. Secure with a hair tie when the braid reaches the side of the neck. 
4. Split the remaining hair into two parts. Gently comb the middle section, adding more serum or shine spray, and smooth down over the back of the head so that the diagonal part in your hair is no longer visible. Tie the section into a side ponytail with the braid. 

5. Apply serum or spray through the last section of hair and comb it back towards your sid pony carefully, wrapping it under the ponytail and then around to cover up the hair tie. Secure with two or three bobby pins to hold in place.

Ta-da! Give yourself a round of applause. Doesn’t Kari look ready to hit the red carpet? If you want your pony to look as smooth and glossy as Jessica Alba’s, just add a bit more serum and run a flat iron through the hair to finish things off. It’s that simple.

Try out the look and let us know how it goes with your comments and photos!


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