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Laura Geller Tells Us How to Rock Under-Eye Liner

Models from London Fashion Week sport bold under-eye liner. (Photo: NY Mag)

After years of devotion to the cat eye look and fierce upper eyelids, we were a little shocked when we saw these shots from the spring 2013 shows at London Fashion Week. Liner has migrated under the eyes, and models sported bold slashes of pigment in hues ranging from bright white to midnight black. We love experimentation as much as the next girl, but we wondered: is this look wearable off the catwalk? We asked veteran makeup artist Laura Geller to translate the runway trend to real life.

1. Which liner colors are best to wear on your lower lid if you want to try a toned down version?
To emulate the runway look in a softer, more realistic “everyday” way, opt for charcoal or gunmetal hues of eyeliner. They are softer alternatives to black and can be just as richly pigmented, yet not as harsh. 
2. Should you steer away from black liner altogether to avoid a black-eye effect?
You don’t need to stay away from black eyeliner to avoid the black eye effect—your dark circles are probably the issue.  Always conceal to perfection, and counteract discoloration under the eye area to sport a seamless black liner look. Starting with a completely blank, flawless canvas will make all the difference.
3.  Should you match your under-eye liner to your outfit?
Consider using cooler tones when you are wearing cooler colors.  For example, if you’re sporting navy or pink, think about using a deep navy or charcoal eyeliner.  An outfit primarily featuring warmer colors calls for shades in the brown family.  While they don’t have to match exactly, they should be complementary.
4. Any tips on applying liner on the lower lashline? Which is better: pencil or liquid? 
I recommend using a waterproof eye primer in any area you will use eyeliner (try my Eye Spackle)—this includes the under-eye area.  Blend primer well into lower lashline to ensure staying power. I prefer using a liquid eyeliner on the upper lashline and pencil smudged on the bottom. Pencil is a bit easier to control and manipulate.
Ready to rock the under-eye liner look? Try LG’s waterproof liners, which come in navy and mocha. 

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