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Plague of the Dirty Bristles: Guest Blogger

Blair Badge is one multi-talented lady: she’s a social media manager, a beauty editor for fashion site Chictopia, a model, a newlywed and an all-around awesome gal with a penchant for witty banter. We think she, and her dreamy blog love, blair, are so awesome that we had to ask her back for a second stint as a guest blogger. This week, she’s sharing her must-have products for a night out clutch, the secret to a triple topsy tail (!), and makeup tips to get you photo-ready in a flash.

We’ve all heard it before. Those basic beauty rules that have been recited time and time again: “Buy a new mascara every 3 months”, “Don’t pick blemishes”, “Wear sunscreen” and the like. However, I recently discovered that many of us frequently overlook one crusty, unsanitary beauty tidbit—The Plague of the Dirty Bristles. 

If you think about it, our makeup brushes not only contain excess product from our most recent application, but also the build up of oil on the skin, bacteria from blemishes and environmental particles. I know, it’s pretty gross. 

But the good news is that it only takes an investment in mild hand soap and makeup brush cleaner to keep those bristles clean and bacteria free! Not to mention it will help your makeup brushes last longer too. Here’s my breakdown of the cleaning process:

For eye shadow brushes: Spray brush cleaner onto a paper towel and thoroughly rub your bristles in a circular motion until the shadow pigment no longer appears on the towel. Eye shadow brushes can be cleaned after every use (especially if using multiple colors) or at least once a week to prevent build up. 

For blush and powder brushes: Once a month, gently cleanse these brushes with lukewarm water and mild hand soap. Lay sideways to dry so as to avoid water collecting at the root of the bristles. Also, be sure to disinfect with your brush cleaner once a week to keep bacteria at bay!

Still not sure how to handle dirty tools? Here’s our easy at-home tutorial on cleaning your makeup brushes.

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