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5 Reasons Why We Love Connie Britton


Tonight marks the triumphant return of one of our favorite modern day screen sirens: the gorgeous and sassy Connie Britton. The former Mrs. Tami Taylor (le sigh, Friday Night Lights) appears in ABC’s Nashvillewhich premieres tonight at 10pm EST—as a country music star fighting to keep her audience and her record sales.

Britton’s character, Rayna James, is instructed by her music label to team up with the younger, hotter, auto-tuned version of herself (cue Hayden Panettiere) to spur album and ticket sales. Hilarity, drama, and a whole lot of incensed Connie Britton ensues. We cannot wait to see it, especially since the show was penned by the screenwriter of Thelma & Louise. Since we have another few hours to go, we’ve rounded up five things that we adore about the ginger star so you can appreciate all of her genius, too.

1. No one says “y’all” like Tami Taylor.  Sassy, sweet, quietly infuriated…and every single time utterly charming. Here, a video of every Mrs. Taylor “y’all” from Friday Night Lights.

2. She pulls off cowboy boots and tough southern lovin’ better than anyone. We’re pretty sure Connie’s piercing, un-straying gaze is seared into our minds forever.

3. That hair. No one pulls off wavy, strawberry blonde—and sometimes straight up red—quite like Connie. So flowing. So pretty. Can someone make a wig already?

4. Remember Spin CityThat’s right, before all of this hubbub around her recent career moves, she was a seminal part of your ’90s TV experience. She played a ball-busting female powerhouse, and you know, Michael J. Fox’s love interest. 

5. She’s played wife to both Dylan McDermott and Kyle Chandler. And she didn’t even break a sweat. 

Still not excited for tonight’s show? Check out Connie going full force in the trailer below:


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