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How To: Vintage-Inspired Faux Bob

Editorial intern Hallie, who normally sports flowing locks, embraces her new style.

Ever since we discovered Downton Abbey, our love of early 20th-century British style (the dresses! the accessories! the intricate updos!) has spiraled into a full-blown, DVR-rewinding obsession. From what little we’ve seen of season 3 (which premieres next January on PBS) we’ve already fallen for the finger waved faux bobs that Ladies Mary, Edith and Sybil are sporting. 

That’s why we turned to the pros to help us create a modern take on the signature flapper look. “This is such a bespoke style that fits all hair types, lengths, and textures,” says stylist Jenevieve Perry of Prieto Select Salon. “It’s perfect for a day out running errands yet can be glammed up for any special event.” Armed with Perry’s instructions, we created this must-try look on our fabulous intern Hallie. Learn how we did it in a few simple steps

Step 1: Start with a side part. Next, use a salt spray like Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray to add a light texture and hold to your hair while styling. 

Step 2: Section off your hair at the crown, starting at your ears and pulling the top layer away. Secure top layer loosely into a knot with an elastic to get it out of the way. Create a low pony with the bottom layer three or four inches away from the ends. 

Step 3: Flip and loop the pony against the back of your head. Stick four to six bobby pins into the hair around the elastic to keep it in place. 

Step 4: Undo the top layer of hair. Take one inch sections of hair. Starting from the middle and working towards the roots, wrap hair around a flat iron to create loose waves (they don’t need to be perfect). 

Step 5: Once the top layer of hair is curled, take the sections and pin them underneath, securing the pieces with bobby pins around the base of your crown. 

Step 6: Set your style with a misting of long-lasting hairspray like Nick Chavez’s Volumizing Extra Hold Hairspray. Now you’re ready to debut your faux bob! 

The other hairstyle we’re sporting this fall: the side twist

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