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The Surprising Hangover Cure We’re Stealing From The Guys

We’ve all been there: a few too many cocktails into the night, we realize with certainty that the next morning’s hangover is going to be epically horrible. While we’ll freely cop to indulging in a little greasy breakfast fare the next day to soothe our upset stomachs, turns out there’s a new technique out there. We’re big fans of the power of a good facial but had to learn from the gents over at Birchbox Man about a signature facial that promises to cure a hangover. Click through to learn about their experience with the Freemans Sporting Club Barber’s treatment. We’ll be keeping it in mind the next time we find ourselves out on the town a little past our bedtime.


If you’re as inspired by the wisdom of Birchbox Man as we are, find more of their insights and musings in The Guide.

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