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Kelly Osbourne Actually Got a Manicure with that $250,000 Nail Polish

Kelly Osbourne sports her wildly expensive nails. (Photo: The Cut)

Who needs a diamond ring when you can get a…manicure? We told you about jewelry designer Azature’s $250,000 Black Diamond polish before—and now it turns out that Kelly Osbourne actually got a manicure with the insanely expensive lacquer. There’s only one bottle of the polish in the whole world, which contains 267 carats of crushed black diamond powder, and Osbourne tweeted that she felt “excited and honored” to wear it. All we can say is that we hope she doesn’t have a habit of biting her nails. 

Though we think the value of Osbourne’s manicure was pretty ridiculous, we do have to say that now we’re totally intrigued by gem dust polishes. Luckily there are a few affordable sparkly lacquer options out there that aren’t just reserved for red carpet appearances. Check out three choices after the jump! 

  • If you really love the idea of wearing black diamonds on your fingertips, make your way to Fred Segal stores in Los Angeles, where you can get a $25 version of the Azature polish that allegedly contains 0.5 ounces of black diamond dust. 
  • Red Carpet Manicure is releasing Draped In Rubies, a polish made with genuine ruby dust, to ULTA Beauty stores on October 1st. We love the idea of wearing a polish that looks like Dorothy’s slippers from the Wizard of Oz!
  • Brides-to-be (and everyone else who loves a classy neutral) should consider étoile’s Wedding Polish. They come in three shimmery pastel shades—a cream, a light baby pink, and a slightly darker medium pink—and contain diamond dust. Best of all, they’ll only set you back $18 a pop.

Are you psyched to try gem dust polishes? Tell us in the comments! 


To make your jeweled-out mani last longer, make sure to wear a shiny top coat.

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