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How To: The Princess Roll Hairstyle


Editor Lorelei’s fairytale-esque hairstyle is ridiculously easy to do.

Last week we posted this pretty picture of Lorelei’s expertly crafted princess roll to our Instagram and heard from reader after reader that you wanted to learn how to create this look at home. Luckily, it’s a hairstyle that’s easy as pie. Lorelei gave us the super simple step-by-step tutorial on how to score this royally elegant ‘do. Find the video tutorial for this look here.


1. Find a stretchy headband, and place it around the crown of your head, as though you were wearing a wreath of flowers. If you have thick hair (like me), consider using two headbands for stability or if you have silky hair, make sure to texturize strands with product ahead of time.


2. Starting from one side of your head at your temple, take small sections of hair and loop them around and into the band. (Think wrapping a ribbon around a pencil). You should go up and over, and reposition the hair as you go so it spreads evenly over the band. 


3. Keep wrapping until all of your hair is inside the band, with nothing peeking out. Your hair will puff up naturally, but you can reposition everything until the final pieces are in place. About 3/4’s of the way through, you can literally just “stuff” the hair into the band and roll it into itself. 


4. If you need to set anything firmly, pop in a couple bobby pins. Otherwise—voila! A princess roll that’s perfect for the weekend and can easily be adapted for a halloween costume. 

Try it at home and tell us what you think!


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For a video tutorial on a similar style, check out Katia’s Ideal Holiday Updo for Long Hair.

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