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5 Questions For…Shoe Brand CHROMATICgallerie

We’re not sure if it’s all the weddings we went to this summer, but lately it feels impossible to find shoes in a specific color and heel height. Luckily, CHROMATICgallerie is the answer to our shoe-searching prayers. Not only is the brand dedicated to bringing you customized shoes in every hue and style, but they’re also all about comfort. We sat down with the company’s founder, Chris Luhur, to get the scoop.

1. Where did the idea for Chromatic come from?

Everyone has different feet, not just in terms of length, but also width and shape. When shoes don’t fit right, they hurt and you wear them less. And have you ever put together an outfit and thought that a certain color shoe would just make the outfit but struggled to find that color?

CHROMATICgallerie was created to tackle those two problems of fit and color. We wanted to create a shoe that came in different fits and different colors to suit your feet and your mood.

2. What’s the price range for a pair of customized pumps?

All of our shoes are $88, regardless of heel height, size, width, color, or material. We like to keep things simple and encourage people to have fun, and be adventurous—especially with colors!

3. What’s your most popular heel height?

Since we currently only have two- and three-inch heels, it’s pretty evenly split, with slightly more people purchasing three-inch heels. However, with our four inch heels arriving shortly that might change—they are stunning!

4. What’s next for CHROMATICgallerie?

We are currently working on some super comfy and cute flats, as well as some open-toe shoes for the spring. And of course, we always have new colors and materials coming.

5. Who is your favorite shoe designer?

Alberto Fermani, from Italy, makes amazing boots that I could sleep in. The leather is just amazing, but because of the price point, they are splurge shoes for me. My dream with CHROMATICgallerie is to make really affordable cute shoes that you’ll want to sleep in too. 

Speaking of color, get inspired by this season’s hottest shades here.

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