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Another Way to Cover Chipped Polish: Glitter!

On Friday night, I was running from the office to a party and just as I was headed out the door, I realized that my nails looked like a disaster. A chipped mani is no way for a beauty editor to put her best foot (err…hand) forward, so I needed a quick fix. Having just read Anna Norman’s Easy Nail Art for Chipped Tips post, I was inspired to somehow retain my base color, the gorgeous Deborah Lippmann Modern Love shade, and just hide the cracked tips. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any reinforcement stickers like Anna did—but we do have plenty of makeup sponges lying around the office (go figure, right?). Using a sponge and this amazing Floss Gloss gold glitter polish Stun, I painted one corner of the sponge and then dabbed it on my nails, concentrating on the ends. The result? A pretty ombre glitter mani that took all of two minutes to do. 


The effect reminds us of the “fairy dust” nails at Behnaz Sarafpour!

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