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The At-Home Spa Treatment I Can’t Get Enough Of: Guest Blogger

We’re a tiny bit in love with Shyema Azam’s blog, Beauty and the Feast. The freelance editor and writer—who’s worked for publications like Marie Claire, Allure and Harper’s Bazaar—writes about her everyday discoveries in the food and beauty world, often accompanying her posts with envy-inducing photos. Stay tuned all week for Shyema’s insider advice! Today, she tells us the product that helps her de-stress and stay zen.

Sundays are invariably my ‘me’ days, which means I turn my apartment into a mini spa—the most economical spa that there is. The robe comes out, the faux nail bar is erected in one corner of my room, my shower becomes “the sauna,” and I always, always have a face mask handy. Lately, I’ve gotten into paper face masks, like the ones from myfaceworks, for a number of reasons.

1. It feels utterly relaxing when it’s on. In just 15-20 minutes I’m transported to another world, away from a bustling city.

2. The cooling face mask is easy to apply, plus an easy way to scare roomies. But I do try to consider their feelings and wear one when they’re not in the vicinity. Like right now. As I type.

3. Each mask is individually wrapped. This makes them easy to travel with, or to stuff in your purse to use in the near future.

4. Different masks address different concerns. “I need to wake up” has skin brightening vitamin C; “I need a quickie” uses moisturizing cucumber and grape extracts; “I need to detox” has green tea to soothe skin and rid the face of toxins; and “I need to heal” has witch hazel extract to reduce puffy skin and pore size. Easy enough!

I don’t always wait for the weekend—if I have a special evening and don’t have much time for major primping I’ll at least pull one of these out and feel like a whole new me 15 minutes later. Consider it a much less expensive facial.

Which face mask would you use?

Your domestic spa experience doesn’t have to stop with face masks. Here are some DIY at-home treatments (and cocktails!) you can try on your own.

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