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Fragrance 101: A Cheat Sheet to Perfume, Eau de Toilettes & More

As much as we love talking about scents and how to wear them, we know that all the different terms can be confusing. What makes a perfume a “perfume”? How do we choose between a fancy eau de toilette or a posh eau de cologne—and what do those names even mean? Thankfully, Birchbox Man did our homework for us, and created this handy guide to fragrance concentrations and formulations. Before you start sniffing, take a gander at this smarty-pants primer:

At its basic level, perfume is a combination of alcohol, water, and essential oils. Obviously so much more goes into creating scents, but we’ll keep it simple: As the ratio of these basic compounds change, the concentration of essential oils changes, and in some cases, this affects a scent’s strength and longevity. Here’s a quick primer on the different types of scents.

Read the rest of this article and Birchbox Man’s tips in the Guide.

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