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Mega Hair, Makeup, and Nails at Erickson Beamon

At Erickson Beamon, the beauty inspiration was all about ’60s black and white photography, only done in a seriously over-the-top way. Lead makeup artist Tina Turnbow for NYX said, “I am such a huge fan of the ’60s, so we were just thinking about this gorgeous, expressive, huge eye and with the inspiration of those beautiful black and white pictures.” To get the eye look, she used the brand’s Jumbo Eye Pencils in black and white to draw dramatic shapes and then a smudging brush to diffuse and create the shadowy effect. To contrast with the mono-chromatic eye makeup, Turnbow added a “shot of crisp coraly-red” to the lips.

The hair was equally memorable, with lead stylist Sarah Potempo also drawing from the groovy decade for inspiration on two wildly long styles: a jaw-dropping braid and ethereal waves.To get the extra lengthy looks, she used medical-grade tape to fasten extensions to the hair “in this really crazy, creative way by tiering them lower and lower down throughout the hair away from the scalp to get that layered look.” For the waves, it was all about using Potempo’s automatic curling iron, the Beach Waver. To get the braided style, she created an inverted French twist (where the ponytail comes out the bottom, not the top) to make it “modern” and then braided the remaining hair into a Rapunzel-like look. 

The nails by Simcha Whitehill for Color Club were the perfect finishing touch. Whitehall was Inspired by old ’60s French film. She said, “The thing about real film is that as it ages, it gets a gold frame edge, but stays silver in the middle. So the nails are double-ombre frame with gold Disco Nap at the top and bottom and What A Drag silver in the middle.” To get the design, Whitehill created gold half moons at the top and bottom of the nails and then used the fat end of a makeup sponge to blend. To make sure that “that it really comes through glistening on top” she even turned the girls hands facing palm up and painted the underside of the nail gold. 


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