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A Week of Hair Knots: The Birchbox Beauty Diaries

The Birchbox Beauty Diaries is a regular feature where one of our team members tries out a new beauty look every day for one week. Whether it’s lipstick or eyeshadow, different hairstyles or fun makeup techniques, we’ll give you five fun ideas for how you can shake up your routine.

Birchboxer: Katia

Title: Co-Founder

A Week Of: Hair Knots (she is a styling master!)

Monday: I wear my hair in pony tails—a lot—so I loved introducing these small accents to make the look more polished and interesting. I started by smoothing my hair using Oscar Blandi’s Olio di Jasmine hair serum and then I just grabbed a small section and tied a knot in the middle of it. I did this two more times, using bobby pins to hold pieces of hair in place while I was working.  When I was ready to finish the style, I simply secured all my hair in the back with a low pony tail.

Tuesday: Okay, I will admit it: I am obsessed with Blake Lively’s perfectly unkempt hair. How does she make me pine over frizz?!? After distributing Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray throughout my hair, I pulled my hair back into a loose pony tail. Taking a generous chunk of hair of hair already pulled through, I wove a knot around the hair tie to completely cover it.

Wednesday: I really wanted to style my hair long and loose since I never wear my hair down (and my handsome husband loves it). So, I took two pieces of hair from the crown of my head and tied them together in a simple, straightforward knot. Then I knotted those same two pieces again, giving my hair a pretzel-like design, and I pinned the ends to keep everything in place.

Thursday: I used to be a ballerina and my lightweight knit reminded me of a ballet sweater, so I was up for a bun look. I started with what I did on Wednesday (the pretty pretzel) and then I seperated the rest of my hair into four pieces. Tying two large chunks together at a time, I wanted to keep it sort of messy so I just pulled it all back into and left  the ends poking out for an effortless effect.

Friday: Channeling my inner nymph, I took two small sections of hair on the left side of my head, opposite of where I part my hair. Next, I split those two pieces into four and tied two knots. Next, I tied two more knots on top of the two existing ones by using the already separated strands, picking up a little more as I went, and then fastened everything down with bobby pins.

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