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September First Look: Custom Birchbox + Color Club Nail Polishes

Comparing swatches and testing polishes at Color Club to find our perfect fall shades.

Even though as editors we get to test thousands of products to find our favorites, it’s secretly our dream to be able to mix up our own products and colors. So it was quite a thrill to team up with Color Club to create our own custom nail polish colors for fall, which will be going out in all September boxes! The process started with our team pouring over loads of fall fashion week images for inspiration. After some debate, we settled on a classic dark grey, a rose gold, a bright cobalt blue, and an eye-catching chartreuse. 

Comparing our inspiration images to the real polishes. 

Once we had our ideal shades in mind, it was time to visit Color Club’s headquarters  to start creating the formulas. The whole process took several hours of back and forth as a chemist worked his magic mixing pigments, adding a touch more opaqueness here and a pinch of brighter there. In the end, we left with four gorgeous shades that we’re thrilled to share. Click through to see the final lineup:

The last step to creating our custom polishes? Naming them of course! Since we’re total social media nerds, it was only natural that we’d pull from our favorite apps and sites to name these on-trend shades. Presenting: Status Update (gray), Put a Pin In It (rose gold), Insta-This (cobalt), and Tweet Me (chartreuse). 


We’ve dabbled in creating our own shades before. Shop our best-selling Jouer Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Birchbox Pink!

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