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Tips to Finding Your Perfect Sidepart At Richard Chai

As Aveda stylist Frank Rizzierri explained to me yesterday at the Richard Chai show, changing your part is one of the easiest ways to really change up your look. (Ahem Mollie Chen—let’s get you to finally give the middle part a shot!) Rizzierri and his team were in the process of giving all of the models deep sideparts, and the effect really was very sleek and striking. 

If you’ve ever dabbled in sidepart experimentation before but haven’t been able to pull it off, Rizzierri had some tips. When deciding placement, use your brows as a guide. For everyday parts, draw a line starting at the middle of either one of your brows. For an extra angular look, use the outer corner of either brow as the starting point. 


The key to keeping your sidepart in place? Using a hair oil to help manage any frizz.

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