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Jennifer Aniston’s New Scent Has Us Thinking: Celeb Fragrance, Yay or Nah?

Jennifer Aniston, $39,

Celebrity scents are immensely popular (though it remains to be seen whether or not Lady Gaga will have major success with her forthcoming fragrance inspired by blood and semen—so freaky!). And it’s not hard to understand why, right? If you identify with a star, and you like her style, chances are you’ll at least test out her perfume at a beauty counter somewhere. But when you dial it down, are celebrity fragrances a sort of creepy concept? Fashion copycatting someone is one thing, but wanting to smell like them? Perhaps I’m just over-thinking it. But personally, I steer clear of stars’ perfumes, mainly because I’ve never smelled one that I have really, truly loved (and I will admit that I did give SJP’s Lovely a chance). This might all change now that one of my favorite celebs EVER, Jennifer Aniston, finally launched her scent in the U.S. Exclusively available at Sephora starting today ($39), Aniston scent, in her own words, is “sexy, it’s clean, it reminds me of the beach.” Maybe the coolest part of the debut is the fundraising she is doing with the mega-beauty-retailer: For every ‘Like’ that Sephora gets on this page, a $1 will be donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital (the star has been a long-time spokesperson).


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