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Trend Alert: Ladies in their 40s, 50s and 60s Now Have the Boldest Hair

British artist Daphne Guinness leads the trend in women rocking edgy hair. (Photo: ohnotheydidn’

We’ve covered a number of crazy hairstyles on this blog, from Miley Cyrus’ asymmetrical platinum cut to Katy Perry’s orange locks on the cover of L’Officiel. But we definitely didn’t anticipate this new trend that’s hitting hair salons across the country. The New York Times is reporting that the bravest, edgiest hairstyles aren’t on the heads of teenagers and 20-somethings anymore—but women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s.

Fascinatingly, the Times found that women over 40 in Los Angeles, New York and London seem to be embracing not only bold cuts (like an undershave beneath a sleek bob), but also brightly colored hues like swimming-pool-blue or magenta and, of course, ombré. Here are a couple of our favorite snippets from the piece:

“Don’t you dare give me that boring Upper East Side hair,” Dawn Bennett, 61, told [stylist] Mr. Johnstone. “I want it rude and I want it rock ’n’ roll.”

According to the stylists, this is not a case of mothers imitating their daughters. “Actually, the young women are all requesting the same boring long cut,” said Mr. Durif at the Carlyle. “It’s probably the economy,” Mr. Johnstone added. “Young people are feeling vulnerable in their jobs, and so they go conservative with their look.”

I can say that anecdotally within my own family, my mom and aunts are much more prone to taking chances with their hair than I am. But I’m curious to know if other more mature ladies out there feel the same way. 

Are you in your 40s-60s, and do you prefer a bolder, edgier style?


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