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Brow Trends At Birchbox HQ

Water cooler talk at Birchbox is a little out of the ordinary: we’re just as likely to have a ten minute cross-cubicle conversation about kohl liner as we are about the finer points of startup strategy. Case in point? A marketing meeting I was recently in suddenly morphed into a discussion about eyebrow grooming techniques. Here’s what I learned about a few of my fellow team members and how they keep their brows looking bold, groomed, and fabulous:

Staffer: Alta
Style: Medium, manicured brows
Maintenance technique of choice: Waxing
Brow Must-Have: “I can’t go a day without filling in my eyebrows using Benefit’s Brow Zings.”
Staffer: Jillian
Style: Thin, straight brows
Maintenance technique of choice: Plucking
Brow Must-Have:Sumita’s Brow Base is a necessity for me right now. I’m trying to grow my eyebrows thicker, so the in-between phase is a little scary, and this concealer helps me to mask unwanted hairs and highlight under my brows.”
Staffer: Deepica
Style: Thick, arched brows
Maintenance technique of choice: Threading
Brow Must-Have: “My favorite brow trick is using the Anastasia Brow Fix, a waxy pencil that I use to tame unruly hairs.”
How to do keep your arches in shape? 

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