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My 3 Biggest Makeup Don’ts: Guest Blogger

Jamie Serat, the bubbly voice behind Your Beauty Junkie, is a treasure trove of makeup wisdom—from her brilliant how-to tutorials (hello, sock bun) to her in-depth product reviews. We also look to her blog for healthy-conscious, yet totally delicious, recipes and reminders on how to keep a positive attitude. This week, she shares spa secrets we can find at home, how to amp up our night-time beauty rituals, and more.

While some of these tips might be a given for some, for a few people out there, this list of beauty do’s and don’ts may come as a surprise. Here are my top three picks for makeup mishaps to avoid and how to fix them:

Don’t: Wear a smoky eye with dark lipstick. It can be overly-dramatic and intense, and look a little Lady Gaga or Halloween. There are a few exceptions to this rule (and I have seen some pull the look off very tastefully) but for the most part this is a definite don’t in the Your Beauty Junkie handbook.

Do: Instead wear a matte nude lip color, a sheer gloss or a very light pink color with your smoky eye. It will help bring attention to your gorgeous eyes and keep your face from looking too busy. This is a very sexy, yet classy look when done properly!

Don’t: Use eye shadow on your bare lids. The first problem with shadow on a bare eye is that it’s bound to settle into your crease, or “melt” down your face after a short period of time. Second, beautiful colors aren’t nearly as vibrant against bare skin, and they end up looking more drab. Lastly, you’ll use more shadow than necessary to get the look you want when applying on a bare lid.

Do: Wear an eye primer! Think of it this way—would you paint a wall without priming it first? No. Prepping your eyes with primer keeps your shadow in place all day, keeps the colors true to form and allows for easier application. There are many different primer options out there in many different price ranges. My absolute favorite is Jilladair Cosmetics Lip & Eye Primer.

Don’t: Wear the same foundation color year-round. Chances are, in the summer your skin is darker than it is in the winter, so when you put on the same foundation, your face is going to look lighter than the rest of your body. Not a great look. Also, if you wear a dark color in the summer to match your tan, your face is going to be darker than your body come winter.

Do: Change up your foundation color with the season. If you’re unsure what color you should get, have someone at a cosmetics counter match you so you get it just right! I personally don’t even use foundation in the summer. I use BB creams instead, since they aren’t as thick and heavy as foundations—I save those for winter.

Looking for more tips on simple beauty regimen upgrades? Here are our night-time do’s and don’ts.

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