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How To: Spice Up Your Nail Wraps

Earlier this week, I commented to fellow operations associate Alexandra that her neutral manicure looked great. She told me that she just had nail wraps applied at a salon. For those of you who are looking to strengthen your nails without the damaging side effects of acrylics, nail wraps might be a future favorite for you. Nail wraps look much more natural than acrylic nails and can make your manicure last for weeks.

A few days after I had paid Alexandra the compliment on her durable manicure, I noticed that her nails looked different and that she was sporting nail art. I asked her why she had gotten rid of her wraps, but it turns out that she hadn’t. She had just painted over them. 

Turns out, if you’re bored with the shade or just want to spice up your plain old nail wraps, you can paint over them and even use remover on them without any damage.

Alexandra decided to layer several colors over her nail wraps, and here are three of her favorite designs: 

  1. Colorful French Mani
  2. Ruffian Mani
  3. Half-Moon Mani

Have you ever painted over nail wraps? 


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