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How Many Lip Products Do You Keep In Your Purse?

We’re guilty of keeping multiple lipsticks, glosses, and balms stashed in our handbags (editing is tough!). We wanted to see if you were just as guilty—we asked our Beauty Pulse Survey respondents how many lip products they had in their bag at that moment. Over 60 percent answered three or more! (Looks like we’re on the same page.) 

Click through to see which Birchboxer carries a whopping 22 in her purse!


Deepica’s tally: 22!

This is embarrassing, but I carry virtually all of my lipsticks in my bag daily because I never know what lipstick I’m in the mood to wear in the morning.” —Deepica


Kelly-Marie’s tally: 3

"Carmex chapstick may not be super exciting, but it’s really hydrating so it’s a must." —Kelly-Marie


Molly’s tally: 8

I’m pretty shameless about stopping people on the street to ask them where they got their awesome bag, shoes, hat, haircut, necklace, or lip color, which has led me to a lot of my favorite purchases.” —Molly


Rachel L.’s tally: 16

"I need to have all options available. A lip shine (like RMS), a balm (Aquaphor), a bold lip (YSL Rouge Pur Couture), a bright pink (MAC Satin Pink Nouveau), or a pale pink nude.” —Rachel L. (also known as Rachelista)


Kari’s tally: 4 

"I always have around four lip products in my bag at all times…a balm,  a clear gloss, and color options for the day to night." —Kari


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