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What’s On the Birchbox Staffer’s Desk: Men’s Editor, Martin

If you’re not familiar with today’s desk subject, you totally should be. Martin, our brilliant Birchbox Man editor, is known around the office for his witty repartee and lately, his hilarious ability to break pop-culture news. (Case in point: he was the first person to exclaim about the Tom-Kat split.) But, he’s also quickly becoming the go-to person to visit when we want to try a new product. From utilitarian tools to tropically-scented hair paste, sometimes boy stuff is just way more fun to play with. Find out why below!

1. Banana: My super filling breakfast food. I’m the rare guy who likes them with brown spots. I like to let them age for a few days on my desk.

2. Brylcreem: Great conversation starter. I don’t use it in my own hair often as it’s a little creamy for my tastes, but I love the packaging, and of course this brand coined the phrase “A little dab’ll do ya!” As anyone who knows me is aware, I’m somewhat obsessed with kitschy retro grooming products. Not to mention a great retro drugstore score

3. Computer screen: Just taking a short break to read McCovey Chronicles, a site for rabid San Francisco Giants fans like myself. This is how I keep up with my team from 3,000 miles away.

4. Sharpie: I spoke to the Head of Engineering at Quirky a couple weeks back and asked him what product he couldn’t live without (this is a guy who lives and breathes design). I was surprised that he said the Ultra Fine Sharpie. From my notes: “They come with this range of expression, almost like a calligraphy brush. If you let it sit there it will bleed a little. Sounds silly, but just writing a postcard with an ultrafine sharpie is so satisfying.” 

5. Field Notes Notebook: I take this with me into most meetings to make quick to-do lists. Takes me back to my days as a reporter.

6. Mr. Natty ClayThis just landed on my desk. Excited to try the stuff. Nice tropical scent that’s part coconut part pineapple. 


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