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Why I Finally Stopped Stealing My Boyfriend’s Razor

In high school, I used to swipe my father’s well-worn Gillette to shave my legs (much to his annoyance). Years later, I was still under the impression that men’s razors gave me a better, longer-lasting shave. They also occasionally gave me razor burn and mini nicks, but I assumed those were the necessary side effects of being super smooth. 

Apparently, I was wrong. I recently swapped out my men’s razor for the lady-specific Schick Hydro Silk Razor that we sampled as a Birchbox Find this month, and consider me impressed. Not only did it efficiently take care of stubbly legs, but it left them feeling more moisturized than before I started. This comes courtesy of the built-in moisturizing bar, which releases a water-activated serum. (Major bonus: I didn’t even use shaving cream!) And just like its manlier counterparts, this razor has five blades to get extra close, but what I appreciate most of all is its oval-shaped design, which is made to fit the curves of knees, ankles, and the other non-straight parts of your body (hello armpits). 

Verdict? Birchbox Man, your razors are safe from me.


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