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Eyebrow Hair Transplants Are The New Way to Get Fuller Brows

Elizabeth Taylor’s gorgeous brows have always captivated us. (Photo:

Bold brows, à la Elizabeth Taylor, have been a growing trend in the last year or so, culminating in extra-bold versions on the Fall runways last season. (Bedazzled brows at Chanel, anyone?) It seems that now the trend has made it into the everyday world, because the New York Times is reporting that a growing number of women are using permanent cosmetic procedures to amp up their arches.

While tattooing on eyebrows has been around for a while, ladies are now also investing in hair transplants to fill out their brows. In the Times article, Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Sanusi Umar said that he performs a procedure where he takes individual strands from anywhere on the body, including the leg or the nape of the neck, and transplants them onto the face. While the procedure doesn’t take too long, only 4-5 hours, pricing starts at a fairly hefty $6,000.

If you want bolder brows, but aren’t ready to take a trip to the doctor’s office, we suggest investing in a good brow pencil to fill in any sparse sections, and following up with a tinted brow gel, like this one by Anastasia, to set the look. As a final touch, try highlighting your brow bone with Sumita’s Brow Fix to create even more dimension.

Are you loving bold brows right now? Have you done or considered a cosmetic procedure?


Need tips on how to fake a full brow at home? Check out our tutorial on how to use an eyebrow pencil.

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