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Tangerine Tango and Olympian Blue Eyes: Guest Blogger

Meredith Jessica of Pigment and Palettes is a superstar when it comes to creating extra-dramatic eye makeup. But be warned: her embellished styles aren’t for the faint of heart. Regardless of whether you love these bold suggestions or you’d rather just stick with neutral shadows, there’s no denying the artistry behind these looks. This week, Meredith’s inspired by the colors that Pantone predicts will be trendiest for Fall—and uses them to create five incredibly cool ideas.

Fall is all about being fashion forward, and this look is definitely for people who like to turn heads and start trends. Tangerine Tango, a bright bold orange, is the color of 2012. The best way to make it pop is to pair it with a contrasting color like Olympian blue. Together they create a killer combo that’s sure to catch everyone’s attention, especially if you’re blessed with blue eyes. Bright Olympian blue complements the natural tones of azure eyes, while the bold orange of Tangerine Tango contrasts them—creating a dynamic duo that’s perfect for adding instant impact.

In this look I started with a neutral cut crease, then added a fiery wash of orange to the outer-V. When I was happy with the effect, I added an eye-catching pop of blue for the inner corner, and slowly blended it out until it met up with the orange of my outer-V. Be aware though: when blending these two colors that you don’t overdo it. Since they exist at opposite ends of the color wheel, too much blending will create a messy, muddy brown—and there’s nothing cutting-edge about that. Finally, avoid any color on the middle of the lid. Skipping color here shows you aren’t worried about beauty rules, and that’s how the best trendsetters are born!

For how to get this gorgeous look (but with a different set of colors), check out my YouTube tutorial.

Best Olympian Blue Eyeshadow: Mingles by Glamour Doll Eyes ($6.99)

Best Tangerine Tango Eyeshadow: Tangerine by the Body Needs ($1.99)

Loving this look? There are four more just like it. Here are more brilliant tutorials from Pigments and Palettes’ Meredith Jessica.

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