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Do You Mind The Gap?

Even Lauren Hutton, a beauty icon, has had moments of insecurity about her appearance, namely her signature gap teeth. A profile on the legend in this month’s Harper’s Bazaar reveals that as a young model, the bombshell tried to cover up her gap using morticians’ wax (yuck!) and would cut a line in the middle of it. She also experimented using a cap and told the magazine that she’d often swallow it, laugh it out, or misplace it. “Revlon wanted me to use it all the time,” she admits.

I happen to love her signature toothy look and am such a fan of this au natural statement. In fact, two of my favorite rising stars, actress Anna Paquin and model Lara Stone, both rock space-laden smiles. “It’s becoming quite fashionable now, isn’t it? Forty-five years later,” jokes Hutton.


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