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Dry Shampoo, Move Over: Now There’s Dry Conditioner

The perfect finisher after you’ve cleaned up excess grease with your dry shampoo—dry conditioner. (Photo:

If you’re a devoted Birchbox reader, you’re probably well aware that we have a serious infatuation—maybe bordering on obsession—with dry shampoo. It allows us to go an extra day (or two) without having to wash and nothing perks up flat hair better than a couple quick spritzes of an oil-zapping formula (one fave: Oscar Blandi's). But now the game is changing, especially for femmes with dry or brittle color-treated hair. Ladies, meet dry conditioner.

According to reports from Refinery29, the formula is “a suspension of oils and nutrients in a powder-like aerosol form that delivers supplemental care to dry, damaged hair without having to get it wet.” Essentially, dry conditioner adds shine, body and texture to tresses, along with a kick of protection—sans H2O. We haven’t gotten our hands on it yet, but you can bet we’ll be trying it out and reporting back.

Have you tried dry conditioner yet? Tell us what you think in the comments!


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