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Shu Uemura’s Hair-Transforming Shampoo and Treatment Duos

While kids may be stocking up on supplies for the start of a new semester, we’re focused on reassessing our beauty essentials and rejiggering our product lineup for this fall and beyond. 

I’m particularly excited about two Shu Uemura lines that we sampled this month. Some of our members will be received a pretty envelope with a sample of either the Shu Uemura’s Full Shimmer Illuminating Shampoo and matching Treatment or the Moisture Velvet Nourishing Shampoo and matching Treatment.

As far as I’m concerned, Shu Uemura can do no wrong. I’m already a big fan of the brand’s silk-ifying (yes, I just made that up) Cleansing Oil and lush Essence Absolue. (I’m convinced that Shu Uemura must mean ‘fancy hair’ in Japanese.) Their latest formulas are just as luxe as their other products and have the added bonus of being targeted toward specific hair concerns. 

The Shimmer Illuminating formulas use protective musk rose oil to keep color-treated hair healthy, hydrated, and glossy, while the Moisture Velvet line restores dry, brittle strands with moisturizing camellia oil. Not only can I vouch for how effective (and, yes, sweet-smelling) these formulas are, but I’m pretty giddy about sending you some of the most luxe haircare on the market—they’re sure to dress up your shower ledge. 


In honor of this month’s theme, we’re teaming up with Pencils of Promise to build a school in Guatemala! Get the details here

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