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What’s On the Birchbox Staffer’s Desk: Accountant, Elizabeth

Accounting hero Elizabeth—who you’ve met before on the Birchbox blog—is a master of productivity. Her desk, which contains not one but two monitors, may explain why. What are some of her other secrets to success? Click through to find out.

1. Double monitors: We here at Birchbox are accustomed to doing two things at once, hence the two screens! I re-purposed this massive monitor from our Tech team, and while it looks like I’m operating a spaceship over here, the dual views are very useful (and less straining on the eyes) when comparing multiple reports or reading my constant influx of e-mails.

2. Hand cream: A friend bought me this hand cream in Israel. It contains Dead Sea salt and you should believe this ingredient’s hypeit makes a difference. Birchbox’s own Ahava Mineral Hand Cream also contains this miracle-worker in its formula.

3. Fish oil pills: I keep one bottle at home and one at the office. It’s the best for balancing out your Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acid ratio, which means less inflammation and happier cells throughout your whole body. If you only take one supplement, let fish oil be it.

4. Un-spillable coffee mug: Consumption of coffee/tea is inevitable working in an officeand so are spills and room-temperature beverages. I asked for this for Christmas a few years ago to keep my tea hot and my desk dry and my mom searched high and low. Look mom, still using!

5. Lip balm: I’m more of a lip balm girl than a lip gloss girl so I always have a shea butter-based balm on hand.

6. Calculator: What is an accountant without her calculator? I love this one so much, I actually own two (the other I keep at home). It’s a huge contraption and I know it looks a bit odd, but numbers are tricky enough without the added trouble of straining to to see them.

For some of our own favorite lip balms, consult our Lips segment in the Birchbox Shop!

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