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Skin Expert Rita Csizmadia’s Secret Weapon: Sponge Skincare Avocado Oil

After putting up an admirable defense against winter, my face is showing signs of fatigue. I’ve got flakiness, redness, puffiness, and all sorts of other un-pretty things. But I have a new plan of attack, thanks to Rita Csizmadia, the go-to facialist for Los Angeles’s A-listers. As we know, I’m already a big fan of face oils, but she turned me on to one that I hadn’t tried: Sponge Skincare’s Ladi Avokanto, or avocado oil. “It’s incredible,” she says. “Avocado oil has all the vitamins skin needs - A, K, E, C - plus tons of antioxidants.” She says that it’s the best for giving skin a smooth, nourished feeling. I’ve been trying the oil for a few days and I love how quickly it absorbs - not a speck of shine - and the fresh, grassy smell. My skin is slowly recovering, too - this morning I only put on one layer of moisturizer!

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