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3 Cute Hairstyles to Wear at the Gym: Guest Blogger

Raw and honest, Rachel Wilkerson’s blog, The Life & Lessons of Rachel Wilkerson, is captivating and heartfelt. Covering the trials and tribulations of her personal life, her blog gives advice on everything from the serious (like moving house, which is so stressful) to the mundane (fun nail art!) and everything in between. We appreciate anyone that keeps it real the way she does, so we’re excited to have her as this week’s guest blogger. 

Most women use the gym to sweat. They head there to amp up heart rates, burn calories, or train for a half marathon, and don’t think twice about how they look while doing so. And that’s totally fine; I use the gym that way most of the time. But some days, I use it to socialize and, well, flirt. (Though I’m engaged now, I’ve been known to develop gym crushes and up my cute factor accordingly.)

While no one needs to look cute at the gym, there are certain days—whether I’m hoping to get a second look from my gym crush or I’m just going to be staring at myself in the mirror for an hour during a class—that I choose to have a cute gym day. And for me, that starts with cute hair. Here are my go-to styles:

Photo: The Small Things Blog

1. Half up. While I doubt Brigitte Bardot spent too much time in a gym, her signature hairstyle is my go-to look for cute gym days. I know a lot of women are skeptical about leaving their hair down at the gym, but if you’re just there for strength training, I swear you’ll be fine. A few bobby pins + a little bit (not a lot!) of teasing at the crown results in a really flattering look. You’ll probably want to pin your hair a bit tighter than Ms. Bardot, but if a few pieces fall down, you’ll still look good. 

Photo: Camille Styles

2. A pretty side pony. This is my go-to look for running and workout classes. Whether your hair is curly or straight, a low side ponytail looks cute and flirty, especially with sideswept bangs. And if you start to get too sweaty, you can always twist the ends up and tuck them in for a low side chignon which is such a pretty look.

Photo: She Knows Celeb Salon

3. Pulled back bangs. If I’m going do anything vigorous, like take a spin class or run intervals, I want my bangs out of my eyes. I could reach up every 30 seconds to push them off my sweaty forehead, or I could just pull them back into a cute mini-pouf and forget about them! What I like about this style is that it looks like you care, but it’s also super functional. I also love that you can do the rest of your hair however you like: high ponytail, low ponytail, bun, braid; it’s really versatile. 

Want even more great beauty tricks? Don’t miss the rest of Rachel’s smart posts.

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