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Study Finds That Bald Men Are Totally Hot!

Based in Washington D.C., Ayren Jackson-Cannady is so savvy that we wished she lived closer to NYC so that we could swap products with her. This beauty writer knows what’s up (she’s written for Fitness, Glamour, and Gloss Daily) and we’re excited to have her sharing her know-how and multi-culti beauty expertise as a contributing editor.

Ayren and her guy, back in the day, before being bald was cool.

Pop Quiz: You’re single and you have three guys to pick from for a date. All of the fellas are physically equal (let’s just say that they’re all in Usain Bolt shape), and the only difference is their hair. Who do you choose?

A. The guy with a full head of thick, curly strands.
B. The looker with visibly thinning fringe.
C. The man with a completely shaved head.

According to researchers, you’d probably go for C—the man with a completely shaved head. A recent Wharton School study found that bald men are perceived as more masculine, powerful, and confident than men with a full head of hair. Surprising, right? But yes, it’s true. 

I have to say though that I might be biased, since my guy has been rockin’ the bald look forever (and yes, I do find it to be a confident look). To all those guys out there, heres the key: make sure your scalp is well-moisturized. Just because you don’t have hair doesn’t mean you can’t use conditioner. Here are two super-hydrating formulas to try: Nick Chavez Traditions Yucca Conditioning Cream and Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Conditioner

What do you think? Is a bald ‘do a do?

Don’t miss any of Ayren’s great beauty insight—read the rest of her column here.

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