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A Mint for Any Occasion: Today’s Obsession

Better known for their skin-brightening teas, Tea Forte’s yummy mints Minteas are quickly ascending to the top of our can’t-leave-the-house-without-these list. All-natural and sugar-free, these mints are infused with organic green tea, herbs, and fruit extracts for an instant antioxidant rush. Better yet, the ingredients in each flavor are designed to tackle specific wellness goals. So if you’re looking for an AM pick-me-up or a late-night-sober-me up there’s a mint that’s just right for you.

Mid-Morning Danish Craving

We’ve all been there—that hump between 10:30 and 11:30 a.m. where the fullness of your morning oatmeal is staring to wear off and lunch is so far away. Hunger sets in and you’re absolutely positive that if you don’t get your hands on Raspberry Danish you might start gnawing on your co-worker’s desk. Curb your cravings till lunchtime with Tea Forte’s Results. The cool tingle of cinnamon will get your mind off the hunger, while key ingredient matcha boosts your metabolism.

Coffee Date with OK-Cutie

Online dating can be a tough to navigate (on the interwebs beforehand and while you’re on a date), but on the rare occasion that a match is pure kismet you’ll be glad to have Tea Forte’s Reboot on hand. The tasty cocoa mate flavor pairs perfectly with coffee and hot chocolate to refresh your breath without the chalky sensation of coffee mixing with overwhelming mint.

Girls’ Night Out

You decided to hit happy hour with the girls on Wednesday because, duh, you deserve it. You opted for a Pomegranate Martini for your first drink, and after your final gulp you’re still craving something sweet. Round two is looming but, you know if you indulge you’re risking an AM headache. Instead, grab a Regroup mint. The ginger pear treat satisfies your sweet tooth, while a dose of ginkgo helps you focusso you can regroup and focus on hailing yourself a cab home.

A Long Day at the Office

Quarterly reports are due and your entire office has been on edge. You head home for the evening, but are still having trouble unwinding from the stress. Make yourself a cup of tea and follow by popping a Retreat mint. A delicious blend of a lemongrass yuzu blend, each mint is infused with clamming chamomile to help you destress from the day.


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