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Olympics Fever Has Struck Birchbox HQ!

We have waited four years for this moment: the Summer Olympics kicks off tonight! The next 16 days will be filled with excitement, incredible accomplishments, and plenty of emotion as the most talented athletes from across the globe compete for gold. Now that the anticipation is finally over, we wanted to get a temperature read on exactly what a few of our office’s biggest sports fans are most excited to watch. Here’s what the die-hards had to say. 

"I am a huge Olympics fan (I even recently watched the movie Miracle again to get in the spirit!). I grew up playing soccer and running track so those are my favorite to watch, especially the 100 meter hurdles. This year I’m also really interested to see some new swimming stars take gold!” —Jess Williams, creative director

"I’m looking forward to the 100 meter men’s finals. You get to see the fastest men alive try to do the unthinkable—clock a sub-9.5 second time. Epic." —Matt Field, senior marketing manager

"The Australian men’s 4x100 freestyle team smashing the U.S. like guitars just like they did at the 2000 Sydney games. It will be an incredible battle, no doubt, but in the end, they’ll make it look easy just as they did in Sydney. And Matty Fresh (a.k.a. Matt Field) will have the pleasure of wearing the Australian flag as a cape the day that they do." —Dave Morrison, senior technical product manager and proud Australian

"I’m a sucker for the personal interest stories on the athletes showing how hard they’ve worked to get to the Olympics. It’s really fun (and sometimes really emotional) to learn about these super-talented individuals." —Hayley Barna, co-founder

"Gymnastics, obvi! I have been a fan girl ever since 1996, when I taped—yes, taped—every single event, from prelims to finals." —Mollie Chen, editorial director

"Men’s tennis. This is the first time that tennis will be an olympic sport. It’s especially exciting because it will be hosted on the grounds of Wimbledon, where Federer just had a very impressive victory." —Matt Hertz, director of logistics and operations

Are you excited for the Olympics to start? 


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