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Turns Out, Women Feel Sexiest at 28


Just in case you were wondering about the precise moment when you would, or did, feel your sexiest, a new study has found the answer. British hygiene company Lil-Lets, surveyed 2,000 women about their figures, who inspires them, and when they felt the most confident. The results indicated that most ladies feel most attractive at 28-years-old.

We thought that 28 was a little young, especially since the study also found that women feel most confident in their bodies at 32. Normally we would assume that you’d feel sexiest when your confidence is at an all time high, but the study’s findings seem to suggest otherwise. 

The results are revealed in full in an infographic (see the rest below), and we have to say that, aside from our fascination with the youthful sexy age, we were also excited to see that 75% of British women wouldn’t change their body shape. Hooray for embracing yourself exactly as you are!

What do you think about these findings?



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