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What’s On the Birchbox Staffer’s Desk: Ops Manager, Emily

If we had to name just one style savante at Birchbox HQ, it would have to be Emily, our ops manager. First it was her shoes we oggled over, but now it’s her desk. Who else could house four drinks in her workspace and still keep clean? Click through to read about what else Emily keeps behind the walls of her cube.

1. Polaroids from the Birchbox one year anniversary party: Such a fun party! It was so exciting to celebrate our first year and even crazier to think of how far we’ve come in our second.

2. Vintage postcard: I found this postcard at a fleamarket and its postmarked 1934. The note is from a daughter to her mother talking about how she needs her to do her laundry. (Some things never change.)

3. Hunger Games trilogy: After seeing so many Katniss braids in the office, I absolutely had to start reading the trilogy. Team Peeta!

4. Supersmile Quikee: I love this super-fast breath freshener. You smooth it over your teeth and you’re safe to run to a meeting without fear of coffee breath.

5. Jouer Lip Gloss in Birchbox Pink: I’ve never thought of myself as a lover of hot pink, but this sheer wash of color is perfect for summer. I love the formula so much that I’m already trying to decide which color to buy for fall.

6. Quirky Wrapster: I received the wrapsters in my men’s box last month (I get the men’s and women’s boxes. Can’t resist two packages in one month.). I am always throwing my headphones around and it’s nice to keep them organized for a change.

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