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Road-Testing Klorane’s Blonde Ambition

Attention blondes! The fastest way to wash your money (and gorgeous shade) down the drain is skipping a great shampoo that keeps your hue looking vivid. Luckily, we’ve discovered a fair hair-friendly shampoo that actually intensifies honey-colored strands.

Klorane’s cult-fave Shampoo with Chamomile is designed to bring out blonde highlights and prevent your color from turning brassy. Win-win, anyone? The secret to its brightening power is Egyptian chamomile—this magical ingredient contains apigenine, a golden pigment that naturally leaves sun-kissed highlights in your hair.

As beauty skeptics we had to put this product to the test. Enter: Kari, Birchbox Executive Assistant extraordinaire and our in-house blonde council. Kari stashed a sample in her purse for a quick trip down to Miami—blondes really do have more fun!—and we immediately noticed her shiny locks as soon as she returned. As it turns out, the shampoo even helps keep her oily roots looking fresh for several days.  And while Kari didn’t notice a dramatic change in her color, at the very least the shampoo’s cleansing power has turned her into a believer.

Have you tried the shampoo? Did it give you gorgeous flaxen locks? Tell us in the comments!


Curious to learn more about this standout French brand? Read all about Klorane in the Birchbox Shop.

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