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What’s Your Fragrance Personality?

One of our favorite parts of wearing fragrance is that different scents let us take on new personalities. Whether we’re in the mood to be a little flirty, a little sassy, or maybe a little seductive, perfumes help us embrace any trait we’d like to bring out. To show off the whole spectrum of personas that we like to inhabit, we’ve rounded up four fragrances from our favorite niche brand of the moment, Juliette Has a Gun (many of you got one of their scents in your July Birchbox!). 

1. Girly Girl

It’s time for girls’ night out or a posh Sunday brunch, and the situation calls for glittery jewelry, a gorgeous fish-tail braid and your flounciest, flowy-est dress. Your best bet to help capture the sweet femininity of this mood is a scent based in floral or fruity notes like strawberry or rose. We’d reach for Juliette Has a Gun’s Miss Charming.

2. Minimalist

As much as we love an over-the-top fragrance, we know some scents are more appropriate for the work place or a hot day in the sun. For a subtle perfume that won’t overwhelm coworkers or fellow picnic-goers, opt for something with citrus or grass notes, which meld to give off a fresh and simple vibe. If you’re in the mood for something elegantly straight-forward, try Not a Perfume—it uses a single note of Cetalox (which mimics grey amber) to create a breezy, clean fragrance.

3. Romantic

Some days you just want to feel a little more sophisticated and enticing—just in time for a first date or a fancy party—and musky, warmer scents are the perfect touch. Try something with a hint of amber or incense, notes which are full-bodied and long-lasting. We like rocking Lady Vengeance since the scent gradually unfurls as it warms up on your skin.

4. Bombshell

Every now and then we like to up the level on our va-va-voom factor—like when we’re headed to a long-awaited school reunion a la Romy and Michele. These occasions call for a fragrance that imparts a serious dose of confidence. Our first choice is always Vengeance Extrême. Its elegant mix of rose and vanilla is bold yet fresh, so you’ll never suffocate anyone within a few feet of your personal bubble.


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