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DIY Velvet Manicure: Nail Art Obsession

Just when we thought we’d seen every kind of nail art, Ciate has debuted a manicure kit that transforms your nails into soft pads of crushed velvet. Yes, the fabric once reserved for plush sofas and Scarlett O’Hara’s green curtain dress has now migrated to your nails. It comes in three shades: light grey, dark blue, and deep purple. We got to try Ciate’s kit this afternoon, and after a few trial and error sessions we mastered the art of the DIY velvet manicure! Click through to learn how it’s done.

Each Ciate Velvet Manicure Set comes with an opaque polish, a matching tube of crushed velvet (yep, it’s the real deal), and a little black brush. To give yourself a velvet mani, prep your nails by applying one coat of polish and wait for it to dry. Next, start with a single finger and apply another coat of polish. Here’s the important part: while the second coat is still wet, shake a thick layer of the crushed velvet onto your nail. Repeat with your other fingers, and use the brush to sweep away any excess velvet. When you’re done, wait at least ten minutes for the manicure to set, and don’t add a top coat since it would disguise the cool texture of the velvet. 

If you’re dying to try Ciate’s velvet manicure yourself, you’re in luck: it’s available now at Sephora and launching at Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, and Lord & Taylor next month.


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