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Tackling Chin Zits With a Purifying Cleanser

At Birchbox HQ, we field a crazy amount of phone calls everyday. Whether it’s customers with questions about their membership or brand partners checking in, we spend a lot of time with our chins glued to our phones. Our Ops Team alone takes approximately 200 calls a day!

Since bacteria, one of the biggest causes of pimples, accumulates on your phone receiver throughout the day, frequent phone usage can trigger—you got it—breakouts. The Ops Team even has a name for their phone-specific complexion issues: “Ops chin.”

Obviously, we needed a solution to this. In addition to cleaning our phones frequently with disinfecting wipes, we wanted a pore-clarifying cleanser that would give us results without any irritation. We hopped over to Fresh's Union Square store (conveniently, located near our office) to test out some new products. 

Almost immediately, Fresh’s Soy Face Cleanser caught our eye—the soy ingredient was intriguing and we loved that it would work on all skin types. We picked up a sample and tested it out for two weeks. The silky gel was effective at breaking up bacteria, dirt, and makeup without leaving skin with an overly dry, tight feeling. In addition to seeing a noticeable difference in skin texture and clarity (so much smoother!), we were impressed by the cleanser’s acne-fighting abilities. Combined with a vigilant phone-cleaning regimen, the cleanser is making definitely inroads in our chin pimple problem. 

Do you sanitize your phone receiver or cell phone frequently? What are your favorite acne-busters?


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